Grocery Shopping

Ok so who likes grocery shopping?  I HATE grocery shopping, it is my pet peeve in life.  I literally have to psych myself up to go and this often involves us running out of something important like toilet paper to get me to the grocery store. I always forget stuff or buy something I don’t need, this is just not an area of my life that I have become proficient in. Send me to a market in Delhi however and I become shopper extraordinaire and forget to eat 😉

So anyway I have solved this problem by discovering online shopping, or at least I think I have. Last night I placed orders with Woolworth, PnP and Dischem. Woolworths and Dischem arrive today, no delivery charge from Woolies and R60 from Dischem and PnP arrives tomorrow, delivery fee of R70.

Fingers Crossed!

If this works and I get a whole lot of people telling me they have been doing this for years I am going to Knock Out Karate Chop you for not making this public knowledge sooner.

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