The Roastie Hack

It seems like at any given time one of the men in my life have a roastie and so I have devised a fast track roastie treatment plan. You will need: Saline Nasal Spray, gauze swabs, mercurochrome (monkey blood) and 1 x hairdryer.
First you wipe tears and snot from face so that child can breathe and tell you what happened then depending on amount of dirt in roastie you either place them in the bath or sit them on the kitchen counter. If you need to use the shower hose to clean in the bath first place ear plugs in your own ears and then rinse roastie – there will be screaming. I prefer to sit them on the kitchen counter and spray with nasal spray and use gauze to clean = less screaming.
Clean and dab until wound is clean and then whip out your hairdryer like 007 – it really helps to dry up that roastie. When it is stopped oozing and a little dryer, apply mercurochrome, take photo to show Dad, give BIG kiss and high five – SORTED and rugrat is back on the road to get next roastie!!!

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