Admin – Who likes it?

Easy answer - nobody. I have found this very cool website and app for my phone that takes care of all my invoicing.   You set up your products and customers and it takes like 3 taps and your invoice is off.  You can connect it to your bank account and easily synch the

The Roastie Hack

It seems like at any given time one of the men in my life have a roastie and so I have devised a fast track roastie treatment plan. You will need: Saline Nasal Spray, gauze swabs, mercurochrome (monkey blood) and 1 x hairdryer. First you wipe tears and snot from face so that child can

Old Kilgobbin Farm – Dargle

This has to be my favourite place to get away to within a 2 hour drive from home. My boys love it - it is everything a farm should be. There are horses, donkeys, mini horses, a mule, a pig, cows, lots of friendly farm dogs, a dam AND a kind lady who

Grocery Shopping – Follow Up

Ok so I am about 3 weeks onto doing online grocery shopping and I LOVE IT! Sunday nights are now dedicated to planning meals and online shopping so that I don't have to think and plan food for the rest of the week. Boys seem to be hungry all the time - like ALL

Grocery Shopping

Ok so who likes grocery shopping?  I HATE grocery shopping, it is my pet peeve in life.  I literally have to psych myself up to go and this often involves us running out of something important like toilet paper to get me to the grocery store. I always forget stuff or buy something I

Honest Chocolate

Honest Chocolate - 64A Wale Street, Cape Town Guilt free chocolate - what?!! Say no more, this cosy little shop was a treat, the coffee was great and the choc is all handmade from the raw cacao, no preservatives, flavouring etc and no dairy or processed sugar. Definitely worth a

Jason Bakery

Jason Bakery - 185 Bree Street, Cape Town I have learned that coffee aids productivity and so they are important in my life.  Not only am I a coffee addict but I LOVE that you can walk into a space and enjoy everything they have worked so hard to create for such a small outlay.


For those of you who are not sure what a Blog is, it is simply a short name for web log. A blog IS a website - just a more updated and dynamic one! This is a Wordpress Blog which I use to demo what is possible and let you know what services I

My Inspiration

Time away from these guys had better be spent doing something worthwhile otherwise I know I will regret it in years to

Small Business Expert

By Niels Bohr's definition of an expert - I am a small business expert particularly in the field of coffee shops and independent retailers.  His definition is An expert is a person who has made all the mistake that can be made in a very narrow field.  I started my business in 2006, moved