Every company needs a decent logo. I have done a few logos but I am not a graphic designer, I now prefer to work with experts in the field and get things done correctly first time around. There are many ways to waste money when you start your own business or take things to the next level but getting a good logo done is not one of them.

I am able to assist you with a written brief and help you to communicate with your designer ensuring that you get the best possible outcome.  I am also able to help you to choose the logo that fits well with your business and your vision and ensure that it will translate well on your website, menus, uniforms, stationary etc.

I work with local designers as well as online designers¬†on the other side of the world – it’s all rather simple and exciting and should not be daunting in any way.

Here are 25 informative blog posts that discuss the importance of a good logo to a growing company: